The Yemeni Houthi movement (also know as Ansar Allah) continues to make strides against the Zionist-backed Saudi-led coalition that seeks to crush any potential threat to Saudi-Zionist geopolitical hegemony. Despite what might be portrayed in Saudi-sympathetic media, Ansar Allah has been taking the fight from Yemen to Saudi Arabia. Just this last week, they have released footage of their military operation penetrating Saudi Najran, and new domestic surface-to-surface missiles have been launching for months. God (SWT) is on the side of those who believe and those who fight in the cause of God (SWT). The backs of the faithful are not easily broken, and as terror is wrought upon the innocent women and children of Sana’a, Ansar Allah fights tooth and nail.

While it might seem oxymoronic at first, make no mistake, Saudi Arabia is waging this illegal war in lock-step with the interests of so-called “Israel” and the United States. Iran is on good terms with the Houthis, and this is more than enough for the Devil’s Entente (Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States). The House of Saud has been softening its stance on Palestine in recent years and has even gone so far as to legitimize the existance of the German-Settler state of occupied Palestine.

The righteous forces of Ansar Allah should never be underestimated, and the Ummah should be steadfast in its condemnation of this deliberate attack against the sovereignty of the Yemeni people by governments perverted by usury and all other fitnah.

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