Know Them: The Far-Right of North Carolina

*Last updated 26 June 2020 – started the NC incident map*

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Map of Far-right Incidents in NC from 2000

Groups Present in NC According to Southern Poverty Law Center Report

City Map of North Carolina

Aside from what the SPLC has identified, on numerous occasions there has been state-wide activities of the American Identity Movement (Formerly Identity Evropa). They, like the KKK, are more proactive in their recruitment. Both groups will target the youth, particularly around a college campus, and UNC Asheville had white nationalists posters being spread around the athletic buildings (AIM is understood to go after “un-PC” dude-bros).

KEEP IN MIND – In Eastern Tennesse there is a sizeable contiguous plot of land (at least a few dozen acres) where a coalition of Neo-Confederate/White Nationalist groups have set up a [Forward Operating] Base/Camp/Compound

John Case

Known member of the Ku Klux Klan

Lives in Enka, NC – Frequently “hops from place to place”


Chad Nesbitt

Lives in Asheville, NC/WNC

Somerled Macdougall

Source & More Info

Previous name: Michael Andrew Mcdougall
Address: 118 Wisteria Way, Waynesville, NC 28786
Vehicle: Maroon Jeep Commander 4×4 SUV
DOB: 10/31/77, 43 years old
Phone: 919-601-5639 (cell), 910-350-8943 (landline)
Social Media: Twitter
Employment: Owner/Manager at Nine Worlds Films, LLC
Work Contact:, 828-551-3781, Instagram, Vimeo
Discord Usernames: “deactivated” (Anticom & Southern Front servers), “NCSC” (Nice Respectable People Group server)
Wife:Aleksandra Maria Macdougall
Wife’s Job: Managing Partner at Nine Worlds Films, LLC, Controller at Tupelo Honey

James Patrick Shillinglaw

Source & More Info


James Patrick Shillinglaw

DOB: 9/16/1970

Address: 409 Spring Street, Jamestown, NC 27282

Vehicle: Mid/late 2000s Red Dodge Caravan, NC plate HAX3612.

Physical Description: About 6’4″, 190 lbs, short light brown hair mixed with grey and white, hazel eyes, small chin, he often has a well-trimmed boxed beard of the same hair colors.

Profession: Last known job was as Chief Historian at the Museum of Southern History in Jacksonville, FL. Also retired US Navy.

Spouse: Karen Faith (Scott) Shillinglaw


Phone: 757-818-0541

Usernames: shillcw, Peter Long, jimshill, shilljim, angrysaxon14

Nathan Charles Barker

Source & More Info

Tia Azar Foster

Source & More Info

Tia Azar Foster

Partner: Jacob Martin aka Jacob Chase

Involvement in animal rights activism

Jonathan Joseph Yodice

Source & More Info

DOB: 8/23/88 – 30 years old  

Current Address: 101 Austin Field Court, Mount Holly, NC 28120  

Prev. Address: 223 Dare Rd. Selden, NY 11784 (Long Island, NY), also formerly of Farmingville, NY  

Home: 704-601-7139  





Snapchat: “HedonismIsCool”


Source & More Info

*From 2018 – So IDK*

  • Alias: Cesar Adolfo, Cesar Hess, Commander Cesar A.
  • Facebook
  • Apariencia física: 5’6”, 170 lbs, pelo negro, ojos marrones, tatuajes pequeños en sus brazos, tatuaje de la runa Othalo en su brazo derecho.
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 31/Marzo/1981
  • Novia: Carrie Lynn Pierce
  • Dirección: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apt 316, Asheville, NC 28803 Mapa
  • Teléfono: 336-687-2753
  • Vehículo: Camioneta blanca con caseta, Chevy Silverado de los años 2000, con sticker de “Radical Agenda” (un programa neo-Nazi) en la parte de atrás.
  • Vivía antes en: Miami, FL; Monagas, Venezuela; Flushing, NY; Colorado Springs, CO; Fort Bragg, NC. Veterano de U.S. Army Airborne Infantry


  • Alias: Carrie Lynne
  • Edad: 38 años
  • Apariencia física: blanca, 5’3″ de altura, 250 lbs (aprox), pelo oscuro teñido, ojos azules/verdes.
  • Dirección: 300 Falling Leaf Lane, Apt 316, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Vehículo: Chevrolet Cobalt negro, de los años 2000, sedan de 4 puertas
  • Antes vivía en Yorktown, VA. Veterana de U.S. Air Force
  • Empleo: tiene su propia empresa de candelas, “Carrie Lynn’s Candles,” ( y médium/lecturas de tarot en

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